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art fighting war →

shelter or destruction


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helping by bombing


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Defining Solutions for 2035 and Beyond

We provide a wide range of munitions, explosives, gun systems and artillery systems.
Our global reach brings our customers a depth and breadth of munitions, explosives, gun systems and artillery systems that meet critical needs in the air, on land, and at sea. We also manage and operate munitions facilities that provide and support critical national capabilities. From "BAE Systems"

Lets us change this a little bit to - We provide a wide range of ART munitions, ART explosives, ART gun systems and ART artillery systems that don't go bang and kill people.
Our global concept brings people together to create a depth and breadth of support, stability, and creative learning that meet the critical needs for the displaced and unfortunates, those affected by hi tech military weapons and global warfare. We believe our energies, our superior knowledge, our humanity could be better used developing technologies to create rather than destroy.

Forgive, Change, Learn.